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Looking After Your Antiques Collection

Looking after your antiques collection is crucial for the future of our business. From year to year, we can see less and less antique material available to find, at the same time, we sadly see rare items getting destroyed by the careless and greedy. Therefore we would like to provide you with useful information and tools to help you doing the right thing and prevent the loss of our heritage keeps happening in front of our eyes, over and over again.

The idea behind collecting antiques is that we are able to appreciate and reuse high quality objects, that do already exist, therefore we do not waste energy for reproducing them, we do not create waste by repeat buying low quality, use once - throw away - and buy again.

Comparing to mass produced new things, antique items tend to have much higher quality, better craftmanship, more details and finer finish, and many owners during their lifetime. Once not needed any more, antiques can be resold, at times with earning profit on them, for someone else, who will be just as happy owning them as we were.

Antiques do tend to keep their worth in time if looked after, and we can enhace their historic value by responsibly using, maintaining and taking care of them!

Always intend to keep antiques in their best original condition, together with all of their parts, display case, to ensure best value preservation and future resellability.
Modified items tend to irreparably loose their market value and modification reduces resellability, as well as low quality restoration. If restoration work is necessary to carry out, only do so with the help of a professional restaurator of reputation, who set high standards of workmanship for their work.


Silver darkens due to oxidisation. Cleaning silver objects and jewelry can be carried out by metal polishing product sold in supermarkets, tool and household equipment shops, for example, Brasso or Silvo, that is in liquid form can be applied to a piece of cloth and carefully rub the metal surface with it until the surface will shine.

Leather best cleaned and rejuveniled by the same method using small amount of neutral (colorless) leather protection cream on a piece of cloth, and rub the leather a number of times to get a shiny surface.

Antiques in many cases were not meant for the modern way of rough everyday use, at times better display them in a vitrine, or some place out of the reach of children and household pets to prevent damage.

It is crucial to protect antiques from every forms of direct sunlight and water including air humidity, rain, that will cause discolouration, cracks, melting, moulding, rust and other irreversible damage.

For restoration advice, check with your local restaurator workshop, antiques market, or write us a message with photos attached.

Reselling of unwanted antiques can happen locally in antiques fairs, antiques shops or online. Always make sure to sell your treasured or inherited objects for someone responsible, who will pay a fair price and continue to appreciate these items, not someone who will use abusive practices or buy with aim to take advantage and destroy.
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