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Antique Jewellery Distributors in London, UK | Antiques Store in London

House of Piqué Business Solutions

House of Piqué provides Effortless Product Sourcing and Restocking Service through our Distribution Partnership Program, as well as Product Bundles.

Product Bundles

Our entry level Startup Bundles are meant for levelling up the stock of startup antiques businesses, with Bundles require as low an initial investment as £100 to purchase, with high yield opportunity, still not compromising over quality.

Our optimal solution for intermediate level, successful, growing businesses are the Optimum Bundles. These are for antiques businesses who can afford medium investment amounts (up to £500 at a time) and would like to include our products to try out how they combine with their specialized product selection! We have worked together with custom designer dress makers, who successfully sold our antique brooches complementing their modern dresses.

Our upmarket Premium Bundles were meant for highly specialized antiques businesses, who take pride out of -and can afford- taking a lot of attention for fine details. These market leading businesses tend to possess a considerable level of buying power that allows them to purchase our Custom Bundles regularly, worth from the several hundreds to thousands of pounds at a time.

Browse our readily available and custom Product Bundles:

Effortless Product Sourcing and Restocking

Based on long term strategic co-operation, our Partnership Program was designed to support the sustainable growth of Ethical Traders, businesses and firms represented in the antiques and vintage trading scene, as well as in complementing areas including fashion, theatre, film, art, interior design.


Long time strategic co-operation holds benefits for our Distribution Partners, materializing in reliable and punctually delivered repeat orders, accountability, extra attention and support as standard, satisfaction guarantee, follow up beyond purchase, flexible adjustments to orders where necessary, constantly appropriate level of bespoke, custom, personalized service.

Become a Distribution Partner by applying for House of Piqué Partnership Program:

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