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Vintage Jewellery is Now in the Selection of House of Piqué!

In every week, House of Piqué showcases a collection from its selection!

Nearby antique jewellery, we regularly come across a number of gorgeous, high quality vintage jewellery items, that you might well appreciate! Look at this stunning pennanular brooch from our selection:

We are proud of our vintage jewellery, as much, as any other part of our selection. We don`t just like to showcase them, they also represent a more affordable segment of our products, and with this collection we aim to bring the world of vintage nearer to you, that is just as good or even better, then new!

You can find our latest arrivals for this category at:

Don`t see what you are looking for? Get in contact with your requirements, draw up a budget plan, and we will find your sought after piece!


For more information visit:



House of Piqué specialises in rare antiques and collectibles. From Antique Jewellery and Estate Jewellery to Collectibles and Objects of art. We are based in London but deliver throughout the UK, USA, Australia & New Zealand, Japan and Europe (as well as around the world!


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