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House of Piqué - Objects of Art

In every week, House of Piqué showcases a collection from its selection!

This week`s special is Objects of Art, our latest endaevor to bring you fine examples of interior design and antique household art pieces, sourced using only the best trading practices, in the etchical way. How about a nice, hand painted Antique French Portrait Miniature with elaborate decoration?

To see our full range, visit:

We may be able to provide you with tips for selecting a tasteful piece that would match your interior / idea, or if you have already made up your mind, we can provide assistance in sourcing your ideal piece at your request!

Get in contact, and let us know about your requirements at:


For more information visit:



House of Piqué specialises in rare antiques and collectibles. From Antique Jewellery and Estate Jewellery to Collectibles and Objects of art. We are based in London but deliver throughout the UK, USA, Australia & New Zealand, Japan and Europe (as well as around the world!)


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