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House of Piqué Business Model

As an ethically run business, House of Piqué is proud leader in heritage preservation and social responsibility, therefore we do not participate in any destructive practices or methods.

We do not work with staff, but co-operate with independent professionals who share our values, on a project by project basis, and keep talent on our side.


We are a high added value, creative firm, thinking in long term co-operation.


As well as looking after our costumers, new and traditional business partners, we also aim to continuously improve and enhace trading ethics, supporting our stakeholders and participants through every ways we operate.

We are against creating any form of economic dependency therefore we want other responsible businesses to thrive and prosper, too! We have got a fair purchase policy in place.

For us, taking care of our phisical (and natural) environment is a major priority, therefore we reuse (and not abuse) materials while we keep reducing our footprint and downsizing in every possible areas where we operate.

We strongly believe in what we are doing is good for the entire society; good for future generations, and good for our colleagues and partners too; we create friendly work opportunities and positive costumer experiences.

Our philosophy is "we love what we do, and only do what we love".

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