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Distribution & House of Piqué Partnership Program


The main products of House of Piqué: -ANTIQUE JEWELLERY -SMALL SIZED ANTIQUE COLLECTIBLES -VARIOUS SIZED ANTIQUE OBJECTS OF ART House of Piqué has got an important role in Distributing stock for antiques traders worldwide, who rely on constantly high quality and larger quantity of genuine antique stock, to meet one`s restocking needs, taking into account one`s unique requirements. We distribute antiques to clients in 30 countries in 5 continents. Our Antiques Jewellery Source is optimalized to run at an estimated output of 100-1000 products / week, that capacity can be flexibly adjusted when demand grows above that level. These antique jewellery products can be resold in antiques shops, markets, online marketplaces as well as on private e-commerce platforms. An example product: Our Small Sized Antique Collectibles Source is a much more specialized area of service. Our estimated capacity is 20-100 products / week, with some limitations in the availability of certain types of products. An example product: While we take the first few orders from a client, we also take into account the average price of the required products, product type, material, age, the quantity required, and the regularity of the deliveries, then we will prepare the orders and continue to deliver until further notice. We are doing our best to fulfill all demand of our costumers while we practice only ethical sourcing methods, taking care for our natural habitat, and considering the future generations`s needs.

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House of Piqué Partnership Program

Our Partnership Program focuses on maintaining Regular, Long Term, Strategic business co-operation with our traditional and new partners, on the basis of Mutual Respect and Trust.

The regularity is important, regardless of the size of the orders, and every member benefits from the same level of service and attention. We take attention to the pre-selection and screening of our partners - especially in the ethical sense.

The demand for our products is fierce, and the challenge is that our products are rare, with limited availability. Our Distribution System allows every of our partners to continuously receive an optimal quantity of high quality products, that will sustainably satisfy their restocking needs over a long period of time.

Apply for joining House of Piqué Partnership Program by the submission of a brief description of your company profile, your requirements, an estimated value per order, number of items and regularity, and we will get in contact with your personalized distribution plan.

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House of Piqué specialises in rare antiques and collectibles. From Antique Jewellery and Estate Jewellery to Collectibles and Objects of art. We are based in London but deliver throughout the UK, USA, Australia & New Zealand, Japan and Europe (as well as around the world!


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