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Have You Tried to Purchase Antique Jewellery From House of Piqué?

We can tell you something with certainity: through your buying experience with us, you will receive a punctual order, good quality product and service, presented on the appropriate level. You will be able to choose from honest products, sourced only by ethical methods. Have a look at this Victorian Citrine Set Silver Brooch:

Don`t look for perfection, look for suitability, look for an ethical use, and look for genuine, honest products, look after them, and you will be happy with your forming collection forever, without the need for ever running after the more and the better.

Our company have a philosophy to learn to desire what we have, this is what we believe in, and we do this in practice, and this is what makes us be different from the other antiques businesses!

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Don`t see what you are looking for? Get in contact with your requirements, draw up a budget plan, and we will find your sought after piece!


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House of Piqué specialises in rare antiques and collectibles. From Antique Jewellery and Estate Jewellery to Collectibles and Objects of art. We are based in London but deliver throughout the UK, USA, Australia & New Zealand, Japan and Europe (as well as around the world!


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