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Antique Jewellery Bundles & Continuous Supply

We offer Product Bundles for our traditional and new partners and resellers who want to try selling antique jewellery and collectibles, or level up their existing stock! Our subscription values are starting from £100/month. We undertake the difficult part of sourcing the right products for you, providing effortless choice from entry level packages to more specialized upmarket lots- delivered until further notice! Every item in these bundles is carefully selected, cleaned, quality checked, in readily resellable condition and softly priced! Are you still hesitating? In case if not satisfied, we will buy back the lot within 30 days! For more information visit:

Find out more about House of Piqué Partnership Program:

Browse our Product Bundles at:

Don`t see what you are looking for? Get in contact with your requirements, draw up a budget plan, and we will find your sought after piece!


For more information visit:



House of Piqué specialises in rare antiques and collectibles. From Antique Jewellery and Estate Jewellery to Collectibles and Objects of art. We are based in London but deliver throughout the UK, USA, Australia & New Zealand, Japan and Europe (as well as around the world!


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