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Jewellery and Collectibles - Antiques Dealer in London, UK | Antiques Store in London

House of piqué

Distributors of Ethically Sourced Antique Jewellery, Curios & Collectibles

House of Piqué Has Stepped In To The Global Scenery of Antiques Trade!

Fine European Arts, Antiques, Collectibles and Estate Jewellery Distributors Since 2020.


Long before we created our e-commerce platform, we have built our reputation as an ethical pup-up firm in antiques dealing, restoration workshop, and european heritage promoters in the UK and beyond.


While we are dedicated preservers, protectors and promoters of all archaelogical, architectural, commercial and museal heritage assets, we specialize in the smaller size of antique collectibles and jewellery.


In the early years we have earned valuable experience in archaeological fieldwork too- that enables us to appreciate antiques of every age, from vintage to ancient!

We have often exposited in national and international antiques fairs and festivals thoughout the United Kingdom, Europe, as well as on the american continent.


As much as we like sourcing our high-quality, honest, "organic" antique products, we pride ourselves for our dedication to provide an attentive and appropriate assistance for our costumers, traditional and new business partners beyond their purchase!

Let`s chat about how looking after antiques can play a role in the way we are actively enriching our livelihoods, we can grow their value by ethically using- not abusing materials, that can prevent us from repeat buying low quality and the consequences of the throwaway society, the loss of values!

Take this opportinuty to get involved, play part and rejoice in this responsible practice, help us transforming our lives for the better, minimize the human impact we make on the planet! Our experience is guarantee for your satisfaction.

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